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How do you manage your personal branding?

Isn’t that for sports stars?

Well actually, no. A personal brand is essential for anyone who makes a living from their name. Whether your business is entertainment, media, sport, real estate… you may be an entrepreneur, chef, CEO, Richard Branson (ok, so he’s already sorted…), you get the idea.

Once upon a time it used to be called your professional reputation. Now we call it your personal brand.

Part of the reason for this shift comes down to technology innovations that have removed the line between ‘work life’ and ‘home life’. These are now one and the same. We might not spend all our time at work, and might still strive for a better work-life balance, but in essence, the two are now co-dependent and inextricably linked.

In a professional sense, this means you must be accountable for your actions, regardless of whether you are on the clock or not, and regardless of whether the platform you are on is ‘social’ or ‘professional’. It all falls into the same pot and we are each judged by the sum of our actions, both online and in person.

As much as your personal presentation and grooming has always had an impact on your professional potential, now too, we must acknowledge the digital catalogue that follows us around (for eternity!) and plays a huge role in how others view us.

As a professional, regardless of your level of seniority or industry, the more effort you put into cultivating your personal brand, the greater the rewards.

Your name and your reputation is now your greatest asset, and we can make sure your personal brand is consistent, accurate and authentic.[/segment]