7 reasons to keep up with the tech race

image via drupalWhy stay in the tech race? Is it better than the rat race? Or is it the same thing??

Some universal comments being thrown around indicate we are not content… ‘life is going too fast’… ‘where did the year go?’… and ‘why am I so much older than I feel?’

No doubt the answer lies in the speed of information transfer; the capacity of people + technology to achieve so much more on a daily (even hourly!) basis; and the growing demands placed on ordinary employees to ‘keep delivering’.

It’s tempting to drop out altogether and go cold on the whole tech world. But is that really a viable option?

If you want to go and live on an island then no one is stopping you, but the trouble is, your decision will have a ripple effect…

Ageing parents at the turn of the century – and to this day! – who refused to learn email or texting have been left out in the cold. Not only have they missed an opportunity to expand their mind, they’ve also missed out on so many potential messages from friends and loved ones, creating greater social isolation.

Parents face the massive dilemma of too much screen time vs limiting kids’ early tech skill building vs the threat from tweens that they’ll become a social outcast for not being on Kik or the next big thing in social tech. But how can you protect them if you don’t even know what they’re talking about? And if their future career hasn’t even been invented yet, you don’t want to limit their options by being ‘stuck in your ways’, do you?

“But keeping up with it all is exhausting – it’s impossible!”

Yes, modern life can be exhausting and yes, it’s impossible to keep up to date with every single tech advancement.

So what should you do? Simplify and specialise. Admit you’re not going to know everything about everything and choose a few areas that interest you, then subscribe to sites that can do the work for you and keep you up to date.

7 reasons to keep up with the tech race:

  1. Keep your mind open – you’re never too old to be proven wrong! Being open minded to new ways of doing things makes you a better person
  2. Learn new things – like learning a new language, tech developments keep your mind ‘bendy’
  3. Stay current – keep up with the ‘kids’! If they say “just drag it to your desktop” and you think they’re talking about moving a piece of furniture then they’re not going to hang around long!
  4. For your kids – to protect them from cyber-bullying and malicious content, you need to know what you’re up against. Plus, if you want the next Mark Zuckerberg in the family then you’d better get onto those coding tutorials!
  5. For your own security – cyber crime is on the rise and they’re not just targeting big corporates – ma and pa scams are all the rage with the evil coders who develop malware
  6. For your business – you won’t stay afloat long if you ignore the latest developments. Keeping up with industry trends and digital best practice is super important
  7. For the environment – new technology will ultimately make us more efficient, save trees, water and electricity. As long as we’re all on board with the latest in sustainable tech then we have half a chance of saving our planet for the next generation.

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